The Wall Street Journal just reported most American workers have jobs that don’t excite them.  52% aren’t involved in, enthusiastic about or committed to their work.  Another 18% are “actively disengaged”. Total = 70%.

This translates to around $500 billion a year in high absenteeism and turnover, quality-control issues and lost productivity.

Solution: Make a career of advertising. To be sure the advertising industry can be difficult to navigate, but it is incredibly exciting and engaging. 

Its high profile and visibility, the creativity, the glamour and the fun are what make it so attractive and motivating. There are many unexpected happenings and tons of challenges; there is an exciting uncertainty inherent in the constant ups and downs.  The world can be different every working day.

Things that make the ad business demanding and difficult are the very same things that make it exhilarating, intoxicating and engaging. It’s paradoxical and unique.

The insanity of advertising.  (