Apple “1984” TV Spot: The Super Bowl’s Worst Commercial

It’s Super Bowl time and also time for the media to begin to hype the commercials that will air on and around the game. Inevitably, the spot that started it all, Apple Computer “1984”, will be part of the discussion.

A little known fact is that ASI, a copy testing company, tested the “1984” spot before it aired and it received what was at the time, the lowest “key” measurement for a business to business commercial ever recorded using their system (Norm = 29 “1984” = 5).

This, and other heretofore-unknown insights about the famous commercial are revealed in The Insanity of Advertising.

The story behind the commercial has never been completely or accurately told, but is now for the first time.  An entire chapter is devoted to the actual events surrounding the development of the creative, the production costs, the shooting of the commercial outside of London and the airing, and almost non airing, of the spot on the Superbowl.

The website for The Insanity of Advertising is (