Lincoln Auto Ad Placement on Mad Men is Mad!

Lincoln is a sponsor of the popular Mad Men TV series.

Isn’t there something wrong with this automobile associating itself with the Mad Men era?  Lincoln is the 1960’s, and fifty years later the marque is still gasping to catch up to import luxury brands imaging. 

Seems to me they'd be better off trying to modernize their image by placing ads in shows that reinforce both upscale environments and today's hipper more contemporary perspectives. Examples being Modern Family, Homeland, House of Cards and Good Wife.

Just because Mad Men is popular, and even if the demos are well suited to Lincoln’s target audience, the show's 1960’s imaging has to rub off on the marque and remind and reinforce the link to that era when Lincoln used to be perceived as one of the leading  luxury automobiles.

Ralph Lauren especially understands this linkage.  They place their exquisite, upscale and elegant ads in arguably the most compatible environment they could possibly identify: PBS Masterpiece Theater Series.  Their brand fits with the show; and the show fits with their brand.

Oh well, whoever said that Detroit knew what they’re doing.  And by the way, doesn’t Don Draper drive around in a big long Cadillac?  It's crazy.  (