Table of Contents



PART I: The Harebrained, The Happenings, The History

Chapter 1    How the Cookie Crumbles  General Foods   Jell-O

Chapter 2    Get the Money!  AVCO Embassy, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Software Toolworks

Chapter 3    The Duke and I   Bristol-Myers    

Chapter 4    The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!  Marshall Cavendish   

Chapter 5    Hanging by the Gallos   Gallo Wine

Chapter 6    How I Got into Advertising    (After Spending 15 Years at Y&R)

Chapter 7    Apple “1984” TV Spot (The Greatest Commercial that Almost Wasn’t)   Apple Computer

Chapter 8    One More Reason to Love California   California Cooler

Chapter 9    Hi! My Name Is Teddy Ruxpin  Worlds of Wonder

Chapter 10    Christmas Balls   Ansa, Ashton-Tate, Oracle

Chapter 11    The Emperor Had No Clothes  Jay Chiat

Chapter 12    Image Is Everything   Esprit

Chapter 13    Chiat/Day/No/Mo  Goldberg Moser O’Neill

Chapter 14    For Whom the Dell Tolls  Dell Computer

Chapter 15    Cisco Kids  Cisco Systems

Chapter 16    Made in Korea   Kia Motors

Chapter 17    Not the Army, It’s the Marines  GMO: How Good Can We Get before We Get Big?

Chapter 18    Leaving Nothing To Chance   Casinos

Chapter 19    Short but Sweet   Dreyer’s Ice Cream

Chapter 20    Hell Holliday   Getting Out


PART II: The Beliefs, The Observations, The Derangements   

 Chapter 21    The House That Fred Built  Maiden Lane to Battery Street

Chapter 22    Cultricide   The Cultures of Ad Agencies

Chapter 23    Some of My Best Friends Were Clients   The Bacon Bits in the Salad Bowl of Life

Chapter 24    The Only Thing Harder Than Creating a Great Ad Is Selling It  

Chapter 25    Sandpaper   Odd Stages of Psychosocial Development