Fewer Clowns Fewer Frowns

How to reduce clowning around in the ad game:
(From the Goldberg Moser O'Neill performance evaluation standards)

  • Be a self starter with the highest level of initiative
  • Maintain superb internal relationships throughout the agency
  • Perform an extraordinary amount of work
  • Proven agency leadership at General Patton's level(e.g. take charge attitude and ownership)
  • Grow the business, generate income and/or reduce expenses
  • Identify opportunities and solve problems in highly innovative, imaginative ways that result in more effective, more efficient work produced by the agency
  • Continue striving to make contributions to the end creative quality and product produced by the agency
  • Consistently produce excellent quality work regardless of the discipline or task
  • Have a point of view and express it.  Often.
  • Be impeccably honest in financial matters, people matters, and matters that concern the "work"
  • Treat everyone with exactly the same level of respect and consideration regardless of their position at the agency
  • The business of advertising is not at your desk or in your email.  It's face to face with peers, subordinates, clients and vendors alike.
  • Good enough is definitely not good enough
  • The "work" is what matters